Sick Nasty Creative Studio specializes in clean, modern and luxury design + branding / visual brand identity for brands who are ready to elevate their business to the next level. Sick Nasty Creative Studio was created by Tiffany [@designsby_tifff.y] who wanted to offer not only design and branding, but also brand strategy and marketing.

All [branding + marketing] are essential to a successful brand identity. We can’t leave one of the key components [business] out of the equation. Design without strategy is just art. We build lasting relationships with clients by getting to know them - understand their business, issues, goals and work closely with them to create a game plan to help execute their new design and branding to your target demographic. 

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/sick-nasty/ noun — used to describe something that's unbelievably awesome, too cool to describe. something so sick, in a good way.

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The creative director, brand designer, strategist, content creator, marketing / management, web designer.. the list goes on.  It all started when I first discovered Pirate Bay and the cracked version of Photoshop (I was young, but also very tech savvy) and the rest was history. You could say I have about 10 years+ in Design and Front-End Web Development (Thanks, Myspace and Xanga). LOL! Just kidding.. but it was when I realized my passion for designing.

I'd go hours working on a project, forgetting to eat, spending countless hours trying to figure out what went wrong with the codes and constantly tweaking - it was frustrating, but I wouldn't give up until I figured it out and all that was worth it, to me.. but I didn't pursue design until recently.

Every job I got into had a little creative aspect to it, which now leads to my extensive background in Communications, Design, Marketing, Public Relations and Sales where I have built a lot of relationships with major brands / clients, identify issues / goals / target demographics, delegated and executed multiple creative projects that required a lot of strategic planning. 

Fast-forward to now, while running Sick Nasty Creative, I also work in marketing  where I manage high demanding accounts/clients throughout Los Angeles and Orange County. What I do? I create and maintain relationships, manage high profile accounts,  build strategies and develop marketing tactics for companies that create awareness, meet and exceed goals, increase return on investments and resolve any issues that arises.

How this applies to Sick Nasty? Not only do I build a business relationship with my clients, I also get to know them on a personal level. I ensure that my clients are satisfied and that they could always reach out with any issues. My goal is to help you solve your issues and achieve your goals.   A happy client is a returning client.  100% 

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